The Biggest Question Mark for 2022? Inflation.

by: Brad Swinsburg, Partner + Chief Investment Officer

January 7, 2022

In this issue of Your family’s CFO Report, we continue our conversation on inflation. Watch this brief introductory video that outlines the questions we will address in this video series.

Inflation – Temporary or Stubbornly High?

As 2021 progressed, so did the rise in inflation. Despite the anticipated increase, most economists, investors, and the Federal Reserve expect inflation to decelerate and eventually fall back as supply chain issues subside. Watch the video below which discusses inflation from a fourth quarter perspective and the year ahead.

Inflation and Financial Markets

Although we’re seeing higher inflation and interest rates, data suggests that some markets and investors believe rates will not stay at these current levels. Are investors being overly complacent and if so, what does that mean for bonds, stocks, and commodities? This video takes a quick look at each of those three market segments.

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