Services to meet your needs. A team that exceeds your expectations.

It’s about more than money. It’s about what it is possible for you, your family and your community. It’s planning for the goals you have a year from now and the life you envision on a distant horizon.


Whether you’re engaging in financial planning, retirement planning, or focused on ensuring your wealth is invested purposefully, our team of enterprising financial experts is eager to leverage every advantage in a personalized approach that advances your goals.

Why you'll be glad you chose Smith + Howard Wealth Management:

Boutique service, premiere expertise:

Your team includes top-notch talent and certified professionals who have the level of professional experience and financial acumen that you might only expect at a much larger firm.

Personal Attention:

You’re not just a client, and we’re not just an advisor. We’re partners, and our commitment to responsive, personal service means we’re there when you need us.


We are united by our core values, and we set our standards high. Our goal is to elevate the wealth management experience for you.

Our Process

The wealth management big-picture thinkers you deserve.

We take a comprehensive approach to managing, protecting and maximizing your wealth. As part of this process, we take a deep dive into all your cash flow sources and create a plan that reflects where you are and where you want to go so you have a plan for today, tomorrow and the future. Unlike other firms, where plans are completed once and optimized never, we continually revisit our strategy to evaluate and optimize. So, when your goals change, or the market changes, we’ll be ready to adjust. And because Smith + Howard Wealth Management is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, we answer to our clients, not Wall Street or products, so you can be confident we’re always looking out for your best interests.

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