Financial Planning

Putting Your Wealth to Work for You

We work with clients who have accumulated wealth through a variety of circumstances: a successful career, selling a business, diligent savings, inheritance, a windfall. Determining how to put that wealth to work for you and your family is the goal of financial planning. It can ensure your financial legacy.

A thoughtful, well-designed financial plan drives strategic investment decisions that give you the confidence that you, your loved ones and your charitable interests will benefit from your diligence and forethought for years to come.

To start, we engage in a conversation that helps us assess where you stand financially, understand your goals and determine what your next steps should be. Collaborating throughout the planning process and weaving it into your investment management is essential to its long-term success. Wherever you are in the process, we’re by your side every step of the way.

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Tax Planning

Focusing on the details that matter

Once you’ve done the work to earn wealth, you want to keep as much as possible. Income taxes can erode one-third to one-half of the return earned on investments, and minimizing their impact takes attention and understanding of the complex tax landscape. Think of us as a lookout, scouting ways to protect your earnings from an undue tax burden so that more of your earnings stay with you.

Like everything else about your financial situation, the taxes that apply are unique. We know the variables that figure into the equation, and we focus minimizing tax liability by considering:

  • Location of assets (taxable accounts vs. tax-deferred vs. tax-exempt)
  • Taxable vs. tax-exempt bonds
  • Investment vehicles used
  • Investment manager’s investment strategy
  • Active tax loss harvesting
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Roth conversions

Together, we walk you through the intricacies of tax-efficient investments, taxable versus tax-exempt income, managing gains and losses, as well as planning for and executing charitable giving plans.

Our leadership team includes a Certified Public Accountant with decades of tax experience as well as access to the vast tax expertise of Smith + Howard, a nationally recognized accounting firm. This valuable combination of expertise, talent and collaboration allows us to work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals while minimizing your tax burden.


Estate Planning

Your legacy begins now

Stephen Covey famously said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Many people think a financial plan leads to retirement. In truth, a well laid-out financial plan looks beyond your life to your legacy.

An estate plan should give you confidence that your wealth will be distributed according to your wishes and that any tax liability to your heirs can be minimized. We work with you throughout the planning process to make sure you’re considering what’s most important to you, from support of your loved ones to furthering the mission or causes and organizations that matter most to you.

Like any other relationship at Smith + Howard Wealth Management, we begin this one by understanding you and your goals so that we can help you shape the legacy you want to leave. Our qualified and certified tax, financial and estate planning professionals use that as a springboard for developing a plan that will help you achieve those goals while minimizing tax liability for the giver and the recipients.

As an ongoing process, we help you monitor your plan and offer advice on adjustments based on legislative, tax and life changes. All of this is achieved through a coordinated effort with other professional advisors, such as attorneys, insurance agents and other experts.


Insurance Planning

We’ve got you covered

Affluent individuals often need high levels of insurance coverage, as well as specialized coverage to protect against unexpected circumstances. We can help you analyze and determine the levels and types of coverage which make sense for your needs and exposure. Because we do not sell products, you can be confident that our advice on insurance is completely objective, without the goal of adding fees or commissions to the process.


Education Planning

Plans and solutions that make the grade

Saving for private school or education is important, but it can also feel daunting. Our team can help you create a 529 Plan for your children or grandchildren to provide a positive outlook for their educational future.


Banking Advice

Expertise to elevate your everyday banking

Your everyday banking relationship could be one of the simplest places to optimize your financial situation. Our advisors can take the big-picture objective view to help ensure you are getting the most out of your banking relationships. From things like assessing mortgage products to weighing the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage, we are here to give you informed and completely objective advice on all your financial needs.


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