Steady at the Halfway Mark | Second Quarter, 2023

by: Brad Swinsburg, Partner + Chief Investment Officer

July 10, 2023

The U.S. debt default crisis caused much speculation about how investors might react, but thankfully the seemingly never-ending situation resolved itself and a crisis was averted. These video segments below cover the recent debt ceiling drama, how the market is continuing along the right path, and a deeper dive into growth stocks versus value stocks.

Recent Market Thoughts

Despite some new challenges the second quarter of 2023 was presented with, the economy stayed strong and financial markets never truly panicked. Several positive developments took place and were most likely overlooked throughout all the debt-ceiling noise. Watch our video highlighting the current market and some key takeaways based on the recent quarter’s data.

Growth vs. Value

There can often be confusion in how investors think about and refer to growth and value stocks. In this video segment, Brad Swinsburg explains the key details of each by going through different examples, to help give a better explanation on this topic.

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