A Bumpy, but Positive Start to 2023 | First Quarter, 2023

by: Brad Swinsburg, Partner + Chief Investment Officer

April 11, 2023

Despite experiencing some ups and downs between January and March, both stocks and bonds finished in positive territory for the first quarter of the year after a rough 2022. Valuations have improved for both asset classes, with cash and bonds offering yields not seen in over a decade and stocks back to fair values. The video segments below recap recent banking issues, discuss inflation, interest rates, and the challenges the Fed faces in communicating their plans to investors.

Banking Concerns and Our Custodian, Charles Schwab

The failure of a few small to mid-sized banks in early March prompted investors to question the safety of their money. However, we don’t believe the failure of a few relatively small banks will lead to a full-blown banking crisis. Watch this video covering some key notes regarding the bank failures and to understand the safety of our client’s money at our custodian, Charles Schwab.

The Fed’s Catch-22

The market has been obsessed with figuring out the answer to these questions: When will the Fed’s rate hikes end and what is their ultimate target rate? Obsessing over the Fed’s activities and communications is nothing new for the market and can be captivating to follow. In this video, we examine the Fed’s recent actions, their Catch-22 dilemma, and Brad Swinsburg’s opinion on the matter.

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