Helping a Local Nonprofit With $2M Foundation

by: Smith and Howard Wealth Management


$2 million is a lot of money, but for Wall Street firms, it is not. A lack of attention because of a perceived small investment coupled with high turnover of investment managers created frustration for a local nonprofit board. 


Smith and Howard Wealth Management’s nonprofit group stepped in to work with the board and provide the level of service they had been lacking. Nonprofits tell us that they enjoy being served by a team that’s been together for years, including an owner of the business.  An added bonus is our affiliation with Smith and Howard, a nationally recognized CPA firm that houses an extensive nonprofit practice. This partnership with Smith and Howard brings the benefit to nonprofits of a blend of wealth management and accounting consulting assistance on an as-needed basis, expertise on the IRS Form 990, board governance advice and invitations to our popular quarterly nonprofit workshops. 

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