The Recession Rule of Thumb and Positives for 2023 | Fourth Quarter, 2022

by: Brad Swinsburg, Partner + Chief Investment Officer

January 6, 2023

Despite a challenging year, recent returns during the fourth quarter were encouraging and highlight how quickly investor sentiment can shift. Brad Swinsburg addresses the current market, discusses a rule of thumb related to recessions, and what may be on the horizon for 2023.

The Recession Rule of Thumb?

While we focus our time and energy on evaluating and understanding market valuations and the opportunities they create, it doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in other financial topics. What is the official definition for a recession in the U.S.? Watch this video covering a popular rule of thumb for evaluating if the economy has truly entered a recession. The answer may surprise you.

Market Outlook for 2023

It can be challenging to be optimistic after the year we’ve just had. However, we’re beginning to see positive signs aside from attractive valuations as we enter the new year. In this video, we discuss potential positive catalysts that may move markets in the new year.

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