Summary: Fourth Quarter 2018

by: Smith and Howard Wealth Management

Most investors understand or at least acknowledge that markets don’t go up consistently or constantly.  Periods of excessive volatility and negative returns eventually occur and can happen at almost any time for any number of reasons.  That understanding, however, certainly doesn’t make these difficult periods or markets any less scary or painful.   This past quarter is yet another stark reminder of just how scary they can be.

During such trying periods, market movements are often violent and seemingly irrational.  Investor emotions cycle through various degrees of fear and supplant fundamentals as the primary driver of market prices for periods of time.  Recognizing the importance of investor psychology in navigating tough markets brought to mind an illustration by New York Times columnist and Certified Financial PlannerTM, Carl Richards (also known as the Sketch Guy).

As we’ve detailed throughout this CFO Report, we believe investment fundamentals (and facts) will ultimately drive markets and returns.  Investors who maintain their discipline, focus on the long-term, and ideally take advantage of volatility will eventually be rewarded.  That knowledge and expectation is helpful, of course, but as Mr. Richards implies, sometimes it isn’t what investors want or need most during trying times.  While you may not necessarily be looking for a “hug” from your financial advisor, please know that we stand ready to answer any questions you may have or help in any way we can.  Experience tells us that difficult markets are part of investing and such periods will eventually pass, but that doesn’t make any of us immune to the emotions that accompany them.

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