We’re Ready When You Are

A portfolio built with personal attention.

Smith + Howard Wealth Management offers portfolios that reflect the goals of your family and your comfort level with different investments. Ultimately, we want you to rest easy knowing that we’re applying our acumen and strategic thinking to create value for you.

We believe portfolios should suit your circumstances, not the other way around. Broad diversification among multiple asset classes is the hallmark of our investment portfolios. We proactively allocate among those asset classes that we believe have the best risk-adjusted return potential.

A key to future returns and risk control is recognizing undervalued asset classes, investing in them when they are out of favor and trimming back when they are at high valuations. This philosophy is in direct contrast to the momentum approach followed by many investors of buying securities after they have already become popular and expensive.

In addition to diversification and our somewhat contrarian style, our investment approach emphasizes tax awareness and fee sensitivity. Addressing tax ramifications of investment decisions throughout the year provides a level of comfort and assurance for you which can be hard to find with large institutional investment firms.

Investment decisions are made by the Investment Policy Committee  of Smith + Howard Wealth Management, not a “home office” on Wall Street, and are communicated in a timely, easy-to-understand way. And best of all? We don’t sell products, which means portfolios are always managed with your best interests at heart.


We’re Ready When You Are