Professionals and Wealth

by: Smith and Howard Wealth Management

Attorneys, CPAs, architects, and physicians are among the “professional service providers” of our affluent clients. While their needs and expectations of their Family CFO may be the same as any other professional, we have found that the nature of their business can present certain challenges and different approaches to planning.

For instance, professionals in these categories are accustomed to working on a kind of billable, crank-it-out-by-the-hour schedule. While at work, they are – and must be – totally absorbed in and dedicated to their clients or patients. This translates into little free time and an understandable lack of interest and focuses on what can be a time-consuming investment and financial planning during that free time. It also can result in financial and investment decisions that fall into a cookie-cutter approach that may not serve the interests of the family for the long-term (and especially into a well-invested retirement).

Because we are in the same boat as professionals, we get it. So our approach is streamlined, providing a comprehensive review of current financial goals and plans (if any), as well as a look at risk management (life insurance, disability and other protections for the family against the loss of life or inability to work).  We work with you to develop a plan that is clear and implementable and stay with you throughout your career and into retirement to ensure you have the best chance of meeting your goals.