Fourth Quarter 2020 Market Summary

by: Smith and Howard Wealth Management


 “Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once”.

There should be little debate that this past year was a test of our individual and collective will, and it certainly wasn’t because nothing happened. We all endured a lot and these past months will forever shape our lives. Most may well associate 2020 more with its notable negatives, but there were also quite a few positives and experiences that will ultimately be to our benefit in the long run. I know personally this year has allowed me the opportunity to enjoy more meaningful time with my family and explore interests and hobbies that I just never seemed to find the time for before. More broadly, the adoption of such things as telehealth, remote work and virtual gatherings will stay with us well into the future and change every day life – mostly for the positive.

The world and financial markets likely still have much to endure before we can return to some sense of normalcy, but the multitude of vaccine developments announced during November provided a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Stimulus efforts by central banks and governments across the globe clearly helped stabilize financial markets when it was most needed, but investors knew we eventually needed a more long-term solution. The groundbreaking and welcome vaccine news we received this past quarter, along with the positive market reaction, indicate that we may finally have it. Eureka!

We can’t know with any certainty what awaits us in 2021 with the virus or financial markets, but we look forward to helping our investors navigate what comes.

We talk about some of the most newsworthy and noteworthy events of 2020 in our Deeper Dive video.  Read our year-end in-depth look at the markets here.

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