Business Owners and Wealth

by: Smith and Howard Wealth Management

As a business owner or executive, you know that a well-qualified, experienced CFO is one of the most valuable assets in your organization.

At Smith and Howard Wealth Management we believe that it’s equally important to manage your personal wealth as strategically as you manage your business. We take an all-encompassing view of your personal wealth and goals to provide you with a plan to ensure you reach those goals.

We become, in essence, your family CFO.

See how our CFO duties compare to the typical businesses’ CFO in the PDF available at the end of this article.

Our Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Financial Planners and Certified Investment Management Analyst bolster our CFO credentials. Our team has the expertise and ability to provide well-rounded insights and advice to help clients meet their short- and long-term wealth goals.

We present our services in a way that provides a streamlined view and guide for your financial strategies. Our team combines expertise and knowledge of your goals to create a strategy that’s both understandable and sensible to implement. And we stay with you every step of the way — analyzing, adjusting, advising and reporting.

So, just as you look to the CFO of your business for key advice and execution, look also to “Your Family CFO” at Smith and Howard Wealth Management for your personal wealth management.